How to integrate with Gorgias?

This integration allows your support team to check order status right from your Gorgias ticket system, so they can easily handle WIMO questions without clicking elsewhere for shipping details, a much more efficient and better post-purchase service.

There are two optional integration methods:

Integration via ParcelPanel API key

Step 1
Go to your ParcelPanel adminIntegration tab → API Key section → copy the ParcelPanel API Key


Step 2
Go to your Gorgias adminSettingsApps & integrations → find and click Parcel Panel


Step 3
Click Connect App button → paste the ParcelPanel API Key and ConnectAuthorize




You can check the connection in your Gorgias adminSettingsApps & integrationsParcel Panel


Integration via Gorgias REST API

Step 1
Go to your Gorgias adminSettingsREST API


Step 2
Copy the data of the following fields: Base API URL, Username, Password (API Key)

Step 3
Go to ParcelPanel adminIntegration → find Gorgias section → click Connect button → paste the copied information one by one → click Connect button



You can check the connection in your Gorgias adminSettingsIntegrationsHTTP


Now you can check the order status right sight from your Gorgias ticket system, the tracking data is displayed by default as the picture shows below


Available property

Property name Template tag Example
shipment_status {{ event.shipment_status }} Delivered
tracking_link {{ event.tracking_link }}
expected_delivery_date {{ event.expected_delivery_date }} Nov 09, 2020 - Nov 19, 2020
tracking_number {{ event.tracking_number }} 92055901755477000271990251
carrier_name {{ event.carrier_name }} USPS
carrier_contact {{ event.carrier_contact }} 1-800-275-8777
last_check_point {{ event.last_check_point }} Arrived at USPS Regional Facility, SEMINOLE-ORLANDO FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER
last_checkpoint_time {{ event.last_checkpoint_time }} 2020-11-16 00:50
transit_time {{ event.transit_time }} 5
residence_time {{ event.residence_time }} 3
order_number {{ event.order_number }} #1234
order_created_at {{ event.order_created_at }} 2020-10-30 11:36:23
customer_email {{ event.customer_email }} [email protected]
customer_phone {{ event.customer_phone }} +1 234 567 8900
fulfillment_created_at {{ event.fulfillment_created_at }} 2020-11-11 09:58:07

You can customize what will be shown right from your Gorgias ticket system → Edit widgets → drag properties from ParcelPanel Connector to the box by your needs