Update the tracking link in Shopify

Once you fulfill orders, Shopify auto-creates a tracking link that redirects to the carrier's website, which will be reused across your store. This isn't ideal as it leads to significant store traffic loss and weakens your brand identity.

ParcelPanel gets you covered 🎉. Our system auto-updates Shopify's native tracking link with the URL of your tracking page, creating a branded post-purchase experience and driving traffic back to your store for more sales.

How it works?

Navigate to ParcelPanel admin → Settings → Tailored for Shopify → Update tracking link in Shopify → toggle the widget on by clicking the switch.

Once your orders are synced to ParcelPanel admin and fulfillment is created or updated, ParcelPanel will automatically update the tracking links.

Where does it work?

1. Shopify's native notifications (Out for delivery, Delivered)

Note: This feature will not apply to Shopify's Shipping Confirmation notifications. It is because by the moment you fulfill an order, Shopify has already dispatched the notification before our system can update the tracking link.

2. Shopify's order status page (aka thank you page)

3. Order details page in Shopify admin

4. Order history page in the customer's account

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