How to customize shipment status?

You can add up to 3 custom shipment statuses with time intervals and descriptions to inform customers about their order progress before fulfillment.

Or you are using a local delivery service for your Shopify store, so you want to manually update the shipment status, ParcelPanel has got you covered.

Video tutorial:

Here is the instruction

Add custom shipment status

e.g. Order #1151 was placed on Aug 27 and needs some days to fulfill, so we can add two custom shipment statuses before you fulfill it to timely inform customers about the progress of this order.

Step 1
Go to ParcelPanel adminTracking PageCustom shipment status


Step 2
Click Add custom shipment status button → fill the fields by your needs




Step 3

Save your changes

Check on your tracking page



Manually update shipment status

Usually, you don't need to do this, because ParcelPanel will automatically update your shipment status. If you want to, here is the instruction.

Step 1
Go to ParcelPanel adminOrders → select the shipments you want to manually change → click Update status in the dropdown menu


Step 2
Disable Automatic shipment status update → check the shipment status you want to change → set up the date and time by your needs → Save your changes




Check on your store tracking page



Note: if you manually changed the shipment status, then our tracking system won't automatically update it. If you want automatically update, please re-enable the Automatic shipment status update again.