Transit time analytics

This is an analysis of transit time performance, including P85 transit time, average transit time, and data analysis based on different time intervals, carriers, destinations, etc.


Order date: filter data based on order date.

Carrier: filter data based on carrier.

Destination: filter data based on the destination country.

Export PDF: export the data on this page to a PDF file based on the filters you have applied.


P85 transit time (d): the transit time at the 85th percentile indicates that 85% of delivered shipments have a shorter transit time than this.

Average transit time (d): the average transit time of all delivered shipments.

Transit time over time: it shows how P85 transit time and average transit time change over time, you can choose different time intervals such as Day, Week, and Month.

Transit time details: it shows details and distribution of transit time based on different carriers and destination countries.

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